2 Days in the Life of a Toxicologist

The second face-to-face meeting occurs at the “two days in the life of a toxicologist”. Mentees travel to their respective mentors’ places of work for a structured two-day training program. Mentees shadow their mentor toxicologists, receive job specific case-based training, i.e., they will get exposed to the problems their mentors solve on a daily basis. They gain knowledge on current and relevant skills used by their mentors to succeed at work. “Two days in the life of a toxicologist” exposes mentees to the relevance of toxicology to society, and to the laboratory skills needed to succeed in the workplace. On the right view a video of student testimonials given during a worksite visit at UC Davis.

The most beneficial part of this program for me was learning what each of the mentors do and forming contacts that I can rely on if I ever need help in the future regarding toxicology. Networking in this program has certainly opened up several doors for me that I hope to take advantage of.