Mentoring Videos


'Meet your ToxMSDT Mentor' by Dr. Barbara Johnson, Executive Vice President and Provost at Talladega College, AL; Director of the Leadership and Mentoring Institute.

Preparing for your first Mentoring Meeting’ with Dr. Amy Iversen


‘Re-Examining Your Mentoring Relationship in the Current Moment’ by NRMNThis webinar covers the process of taking time to reevaluate your mentoring relationship at the beginning of the semester to determine which direction you need to take.


Most mentors don’t feel prepared to address diversity matters with trainees from historically underrepresented (HU) backgrounds. To improve mentoring relationships and support the persistence and success of HU individuals in science, the National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN) has developed new mentor training to equip mentors with the skills and knowledge necessary to support a diverse scientific workforce.

In the first video, Byars-Winston and Crouse Quinn discuss how racism and a lack of cultural diversity awareness in mentoring relationships negatively impacts trainees from HU backgrounds. They offer concrete examples of how culturally aware mentor training helps individuals identify the personal assumptions, biases and privileges that may operate in their research mentoring relationships.

In the second video, Byars-Winston and Crouse Quinn offer mentor training resources and strategies to help individuals become more culturally aware, and thus better mentors.