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    Apply by April 26, 2024

    Eligibility Requirements:

    *Due to institutional requirements we encourage applications from fully vaccinated COVID-19 individuals only.
    * Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
    * Completion of at least one semester of general biology and general chemistry
    * Enrolled in an accredited undergraduate institution at the time of application, with continuing enrollment for the next academic year concurrent with the participation in the ToxMSDT program
    * Member of a group underserved in the biomedical sciences (for example, underrepresented racial/ethnic groups;  from disadvantaged backgrounds such as low socioeconomic status, or grew up in a rural or inner-city setting; see NIH notice).
    * US citizen or US permanent resident                                                                                                           
    Application Process:
    * Complete the Student Application 
    * Upload unofficial undergraduate transcripts, including all coursework and current enrollment, together with the application.
    * Send the Reference Form to a faculty mentor who knows your academic and if applicable research performance well.  For example, you can send it to a faculty member who supervised or assessed you in a class, on an internship or on a research project.



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    Applications Remain Open

    Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and reviewed annually by June each year. Notifications of a successful mentee and mentor match will be sent out prior to the program start in August of each year. 

    Eligibility requirements: Mentor’s place of work must be located within the United States. Postdoctoral scholars are not eligible to apply. 

    Mentor duties and benefits